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DuraTech Pass-Thru Shelving

DuraTech Pass-Thru Shelving from Hallowell

360° Access!

DuraTech is Hallowell's newest line of pass-thru steel shelving requiring no cross braces allowing access from all sides while providing the maximum strength, durability, and stability needed to handle most industrial applications. DuraTech offers versatility and durability for today's modern facilities.


DuraTech Pass-Thru Shelving from Hallowell


  • access from all 4 sides
  • top & bottom firmly attached with steel-grip nuts for superior strength
  • available in 6, 7, & 8 shelf models
  • four angle posts are used per section allowing units to be individually located, bolted side-by-side, or bolted back-to-back
  • each intermediate shelf uses four sturdy and compact clips
  • clips key firmly into post slots to hold shelves securely in place.
  • provides independant positioning of intermediate shelves on 1-1/2" centers
  • bottom shelf is positioned to prevent debris from collecting beneath the unit
DuraTech Pass-Thru Shelving from Hallowell


Pass-Thru Shelving requires


Unique design creates a very strong unit!

4 bolts and steel-grip nuts at each corner, top and bottom, provide for a very strong frame with maximum strength.

Fixed shelves at the top and bottom provide a rigid structure while fully adjustable intermediate shelves, using compression-shelf clips, provide the versatility needed for any situation.

DuraTech Steel-Grip bolt
Steel-Grip Nut
for superior strength
DuraTech Pass-Thru Shelving - Top Shelf
Fixed top and bottom shelves
for rigid structure
DuraTech Compression Clip
Compression-Shelf clips
allow adjusting of shelves