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Equipment Storage - All-Welded Lockers
Production Item

HESL-07 Equipment Storage Lockers (TA-50)

Heavy-Duty Ventilated KD stock lockers are available in single, double and six tier lockers. Production lockers are standard with 6” legs (available without legs at a nominal cost) Coat rods are available for single tier at a nominal cost.

Equipment Storage Lockers - TA50



  • body construction: Unibody all-welded construction, 16 gauge 1-1/2" high continuous bottom with reinforcing channels welded to the underside at each side panel providing a rigid unit base, 16 gauge continuous top, 16 gauge diamond perforated sides are integral with front vertical frame, 18 gauge solid back. Optional solid sides are available
  • doors: 14 gauge diamond perforated doors with a full height door stiffener are standard. Secure-Air-Flow, diamond perforated and louvered door styles are available
  • handle: 3-point turn-handle
  • door strike: Continuous vertical door strike at both hinge sides
  • latching: 3/16" turn-handle welded to 11 gauge cam engaging frame at top, bottom and center side of door. 3/8" diam lock rods
  • hinges: 16guage continuous piano hinge
  • shelves: 16 guage hat shelf located 12" down from top, 16 guage lower shelf located 18" up from bottom
  • coat rod: stainless steel full-width coat rod located under hat shelf
  • warranty: lifetime
Equipment Storage Locker Sizes
Widths 24'', 30'', 36'', 48''
Depths 12'', 16'', 18'', 22''
Heights 60'', 72'', 84''
Note: Equipment Storage lockers will ship in multiple column units up to 60'' wide to meet individual job site conditions.