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Club Lockers


Club Locker Specifications

General: Lockers shall be "HALLOWELL All Wood Club Lockers" as manufactured by List Industries Inc. or approved equal.  Fabricate lockers square, rigid and without warp.

Finishing:  Two coats of a formaldehyde-free catalyzed conversion varnish (no lacquer).

Wood Wardrobe Doors: Doors shall be fabricated of furniture grade red oak plywood and covered by a red oak veneer.

Door Hinges: All hinges shall be European style cabinet concealed hinges. All doors to be right hand, side hinged.

  • 3 hinges for single tier wardrobe doors.
  • 2 hinges for double and triple tier wardrobe doors.

Body: Fabricate top, bottom, sides, and back of furniture grade red oak plywood.  All interior facets and face to be finished with a catalyzed, clear, three-coat cabinet lacquer.

Locks: Shall be cylinder cam locks and shall be master keyed to one system for the entire project.

Equipment:  Furnish each locker with the following items, unless otherwise shown.

  • Single tier lockers:  Openings 60” and 72” shall include one hat shelf, one coat rod and two single prong hooks.
  • Double tier lockers:  Openings 30” and 36” high shall include one coat rod and two single prong hooks.
  • Triple tier lockers:  Openings 20” and 24” high shall include one double prong ceiling hook only.

One-Year Warranty: HALLOWELL All-Wood Club Lockers are covered against all defects in materials and workmanship excluding finish, damage resulting from deliberate destruction and vandalism under this section for a period of one year.