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Laptop / Backpack Lockers Specifications


Laptop / Backpack Lockers Specifications

General: Lockers shall be "Hallowell Laptop / Backpack Lockers" as manufactured by Hallowell or approved equal.  Fabricate lockers square, rigid and without warp, with metal faces flat and free from dents or distortion.  Make all exposed metal edges safe to touch.  Weld frame members together to form rigid, one-piece structure.  Weld, bolt, or rivet other joints and connections as standard with manufacturer.  Grind exposed welds flush.  Do not expose bolts or rivet heads on fronts of locker doors or frames except for fastening of number plates and recessed handle.

Lockers shall be GREENGUARD Gold CertifiedSM

Finishing:  All locker parts to be cleaned and coated after fabrication with a seven stage zinc/iron phosphate solution to inhibit corrosion, followed by a coat of high grade custom blend powder electrostatically sprayed and baked at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for a minimum of 20 minutes to provide a tough durable finish.  Color to be 711 Light Gray (light gray).

Frame:  Fabricate of 16 gauge (minimum) channels, with integral continuous door stop/strike formed on both latch and hinge side vertical members.  Cross frame members of 16 gauge channel shapes shall be securely welded to the vertical framing members to ensure rigidity.

Doors:  Doors shall be fabricated from single sheet prime 14 gauge with single bends at top, bottom and sides. Doors to be plain (non-vented).

Door Hinges:   All doors shall include a 16 gauge continuous piano hinge welded to the door and riveted to the frame.  All doors to be right hand, side hinged.

Body:  Fabricate backs of 18 gauge (minimum) solid sheet, sides of 16 gauge (minimum) sheet steel with double flanged connections extending full height.  Sides to be diamond perforated for added ventilation at laptop shelf location only.  Form top, bottom and intermediate tier dividers of 16 gauge (minimum) solid sheet steel with single return bends at all sides. Bolt top and bottom as well as horizontal tier dividers of wardrobe openings to front horizontal frame members at not less than one place in addition to side panels.  Each opening shall include a hat shelves in the upper portion of the opening for laptop computer storage and shall be fabricated of 16 gauge (minimum) sheet steel with single bends at sides and back and a double bend at front.

Electronic Locks:   Each locker door shall include a Hallowell DigiTech™ electronic, code access lock.  This lock will also serve as the door pull/handle.  Locks to arrive in temporary use mode and be programmable to allow conversion to permanent use if so desired.  Lock must include mechanical key access for management.

Equipment:  Furnish each locker opening with a channel for concealed aftermarket wiring to convert lockers to charging stations.  Channel shall include punch outs for electrical outlet in each opening.

Two-Year Warranty:  Hallowell KD lockers are covered against all defects in materials and workmanship excluding finish, damage resulting from deliberate destruction and vandalism under this section for a period of two years.