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Rookie KD Gear Stock Lockers

Production Item

Open-front knock-down gear lockers are perfect for sports equipment, gear and tool storage.


  • STOCK COLORS: 721 Relay Red [RR] and 717 Grand Slam (blue) [GS]
                      - Lockers are painted the same color throughout
  • SECURITY BOX DOOR: 14 gauge cold rolled sheet steel
  • BODY COMPONENTS: 16 gauge body with 18 gauge back
  • SECURITY BOX HANDLE: Thru-the-door friction catch door pull with padlock hasp
  • HINGES: 16 gauge continuous piano hinge
  • ACCESSORIES: Includes 1/2" diameter coat rod
  • NOTES: Open-Front KD Sport Lockers are available to ship knock-down or fully assembled
                      - Furnished as one-wide units
Rookie KD Open Front Base Model Rookie KD Open front with security box Rookie KD Open front with Foot Locker Rookie KD Open front with security box & foot locker
Base Model
With Security Box
With Foot Locker
With Security Box & Foot Locker


Relay Red

Grand Slam


Width Depth Height Grouping KD
Catalog #
Catalog #

Base Model

24 18 72 1-wide KSNN482-1C KSNN482-1A-C
24 22 72 1-wide KSNN422-1C KSNN422-1A-C

With Upper Security Box

24 18 72 1-wide KSBN482-1C KSBN482-1A-C
24 22 72 1-wide KSBN422-1C KSBN422-1A-C

With Lower Foot Locker

24 18 72 1-wide KSNF482-1C KSNF482-1A-C
24 22 72 1-wide KSNF422-1C KSNF422-1A-C

With Security Box and Foot Locker

24 18 72 1-wide KSBF482-1C KSBF482-1A-C
24 22 72 1-wide KSBF422-1C KSBF422-1A-C