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This is a Quickship Item


Our National QUICKSHIP
Program is the largest
of its kind in the material
handling industry


Our six distribution centers are strategically located around the United States to allow for localized distribution. All Hallowell distribution centers are company owned and company operated to insure your orders are properly prioritized and that all operations are per our company philosophy.

Our unparralleled array of products and services assures that your order will ship fast and secure while saving you time and money on shipping cost. Logistics, service and products offering is what positions Hallowell at the forefront of the industry.

QUICKSHIP SHELVING - is available in a variety of sizes, styles and color options. With shelf capacities up to 1,250 pounds, you can be sure our shelving will outperform all competitors. Choose from traditional clip style, rivet style or our unique pass thru models which allow true four-sided access. We are confident that Hallowell stocks a shelving system to meet your specific storage requirements.

QUICKSHIP CABINETS - Hallowell cabinets are engineered above industry standards with multiple colors, styles and accessories. We are confident we can be your one-stop cabinet supplier. Our specialty cabinets offering corrosion resistance, antimicrobial properties or textured finish help you to offer your customer products targeted specifically to their needs.

QUICKSHIP WORKBENCHES - Along with the Hallowell Industrial Workbench our new Fort Knox modular utility storage system combines shelving, cabinets, workbenches and lockers to create a functional, durable and customizable work center. Our unique textured two-tone powder coat process provides an attractive durable protective finish.

QUICKSHIP SAFETY EQUIPMENT - We are proud to offer safety equipment for your factories and warehouses. Hallowell Post Protectors and Industrial Guardrail can protect your valuable assets and personnel from a fully-loaded forklift.

QUICKSHIP LOCKERS - Our distribution centers are filled with more than 35,000 frames of knock-down (KD) lockers in Classic KD, Maintenance-Free Quiet™ Single Point, Heavy-Duty Ventilated (HDV), Galvanite™ corrosion resistant, Safety-View Wardrobe and Safety-View Plus box lockers to meet all your quick-ship locker requirements. Pre-assembly is available from each of our distribution centers.

All products are packaged above industry standards to insure your material arrives in perfect condition. For more information or to ask questions regarding our Quick-Ship Stock Program, visit the 'contact us' page or call 866-566-0500.


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