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Rivetwell Boltless Shelving

Rivetwell Boltless Shelving
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Rivetwell Boltless Shelving

Designed to maximize storage space and minimize installation set-up time.

Rivetwell Shelving

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All components are engineered to attach snugly to one another without the use of loose fasteners. This unique design has rivets which are factory attached to all left-to-right and front-to-back beams. The rivets align with kehole slots in the verticle posts. Once tapped into place using a standard rubber mallet, the units are tightly assembled providing maximum strength.

Standard units consist of verticle angle posts at the corners, double rivet angle beams at the top and bottom perimeter and single river angle beams running left-to-right only at the intermediate levels. Shelves are of standard 5/8" particle board, EZ-Deck steel or wire decking and simply drop into place. Shelf strength can be increased by upgrading to heavy duty beams, adding single rivet beams running front-to-back at the intermediate levels, upgrading to double rivet beams at the full perimeter of the intermediate levels or upgrading all levels to our strongest double rivet channel beams. Optional center supports can be added using supplied hardware to increase decking capacity.

The versatility of our Rivetwell boltless shelving system allows you to mix and match components to meet your unique application. From standard storage to automotive tire racks, Rivetwell boltless shelving is your storage solution.