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Surplus Welded Lockers

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Surplus Lockers

Hallowell Unibody All-Welded Corridor Lockers

Double Tier Unėbody All-Welded Lockers


Surplus Lockers

Take advantage or our special price on SuperiorŪ, brand new surplus lockers!

Limited quantity of Double Tier 3-wide & Double Tier 2-wide Uni-body Corridor Lockers 15"x16"x72" with 16 gauge body, 18 gauge back and 14 gauge louvered door. Doors include deep-drawn 304 stainless steel handle with 3-point gravity lift type latching.

(0) 3-wide units Double Tier at $445.20/unit
*SALE PRICE $333.90 net/unit

(0) 2-wide units Double Tier at $296.80/unit
*SALE PRICE $222.60 net/unit


  • Unibody Corridor Lockers
  • 16 gauge body
  • 18 gauge back
  • 14 gauge louvered door
  • solid sides
  • deep-drawn 304 stainless steel handle
  • 3-point gravity lift type latching

Color:  731 Blue Denim (entire locker including body components)

FOB:   Deerfield Beach, FL


Quantity Width Depth Overall Height TierGrouping Openings Per Group weight Net Price Each

Double Tier

0 15 16 72 2 3-wide 6 237 lbs $445.20    $333.90  
0 15 16 72 2 2-wide 4 164 lbs $296.80    $222.60  


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