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Versamax™ Phenolic Lockers Specifications

Hallowell® VERSAMAX™

Solid Phenolic Wardrobe and Box Locker
Stock Specifications

General: Lockers shall be VERSAMAX Phenolic Wardrobe and Box Lockers as manufactured by Hallowell or approved equal.  Material shall be Solid Phenolic with a high pressure melamine matte finish surface made as an integral part of the core material.  Laminated surfaces are not acceptable.  Surface and edges shall be non-porous and shall not support fungus or bacteria.  Provide material which has been selected for uniform color, surface flatness and smoothness.  VersaMax Phenolic lockers shall meet or exceed all requirements for Class B Flame Spread Rating (not to exceed 75) and Smoke Developed (not to exceed 450) and shall carry a Class B Fire Rating Certification.  Fabricate lockers square, rigid and without warp.  Locker units will ship factory pre-assembled.

Lockers shall be GREENGUARD Gold Certified SM.

Color:  Door and body components shall be Figured Annigre for VersaMax stock lockers.

Doors: Shall be fabricated of 1/2” thick solid phenolic.  Doors shall be the full width of the locker and shall be frameless, allowing access to the entire width of the locker.  Framed doors are unacceptable.  Plain doors with perimeter ventilation shall provide ventilation properties superior to that of traditional framed doors.

Body: Tops, bottoms, and shelves shall be made from 3/8” thick solid phenolic.  Sides and shall be made from 5/16” thick solid phenolic with 1/4" back panel.  Body components shall be white in color. Body incorporates mortise and tenon construction and shall be mechanically fastened together with stainless steel fasteners.

Handle/Latch Assembly:  Hasp shall be fabricated of 11 gauge type 304 stainless steel with a satin finish.  All edges shall be polished and smooth.  Hasp shall be attached to the locker body with two (2) stainless steel theft proof torx head with pin, through bolts.  Hasp shall extend through a slot in the face of the locker door.  Handle shall be finger pull type. Doors are prepared for use with a padlock (sold separately), Hallowell DigiTech electronic access lock or key cam lock based on the model option chosen.

Hinges: Hinges shall be 14 Gauge Type 304 Stainless Steel and shall have a black powder coat finish.  Hinge shall have five (5) knuckles and shall be “Hospital” type with beveled top and bottom knuckles.  Knuckles of Hinge shall be exposed to allow Door to open 180°.

Equipment: Furnish each locker with the following items, unless otherwise noted:

  • Single tier locker openings 60” and 72” high shall include one hat shelf and two single prong hooks fabricated of 11 gauge type 304 stainless steel attached to locker body with theft proof stainless steel hardware
  • Double tier locker openings 30” and 36 high and Z-tier locker openings shall include two single prong hooks fabricated of 11 gauge type 304 stainless steel attached to locker body with theft proof stainless steel hardware
  • Locker openings 24” high and under shall not include hooks
  • All lockers shall include an engraved aluminum number plate fastened to the door with theft proof fasteners

20-Year Warranty: Hallowell VERSAMAX Phenolic Lockers are covered against all defects in materials and workmanship excluding damage resulting from deliberate destruction and vandalism under this section for a period of 20 years.