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Heavy-Duty Ventilated Lockers
Production Item
Heavy Duty Ventilated



Heavy-Duty Ventilated (HDV) KD Lockers - In-Stock

Heavy Duty Ventilated Lockers

Ventilated Locker Features:

  • Ventilated doors and sides
  • Heavy guage door body
  • Large capacity sizes available
  • Strength and ventilation in one practical locker
  • More Locker Features:

    • BODY CONSTRUCTION: Knock-down, 16 gauge body with 18 gauge back. Sides are diamond perforated for maximum ventilation
    • BODY STYLES: Single, double and six tier
    • DOOR: 14 gauge, diamond perforated for maximum ventilation
    • HINGES: Continuous piano type
    • HANDLE (wardrobe): Stainless steel recessed handle with multi-point gravity lift-type latching. Recessed handle protects finish from being marred by padlock.
    • HANDLE (box): Box lockers include a projecting single-point friction catch door pull prepared for both padlock or built-in lock. No moving parts insures quiet maintenance-free locker operation.
    • HOOKS: One double prong ceiling hook and two single hooks per single and double tier locker opening. One double ceiling hook for triple tier.
    • COAT RODS: Available for single tier at a nominal cost
    • SHELVES: Hat shelf is included in single tier lockers.
    • LEGS: 6" high legs are standard. Lockers without legs are available for a nominal charge.


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